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Country Manager's Message
Dinah & Michael Boafo
Stay the Course


This edition of our newsletter features memorable photos and reports from our first ever Success Day showcase in Freetown, Sierra Leone as well as Success Day celebrations in Kumasi, Ghana. Highlights of the dazzling Eagle Manager Retreat in Cancun are also featured together with educative articles on Fibroids, How FBOs can accelerate their businesses with Forever Paks, testimonies of success, Move Ups on our Marketing Plan and the Forever 2 Drive incentive qualifiers.


Stay the Course

When FBOs encounter the once-in-a-lifetime business opportunity presented by Forever Living Products, they are often highly motivated and full of excitement and enthusiasm. Like a tsunami, the waves of motivation hits them hard and create in them an overarching sense of urgency to harness the incredible opportunity offered by Forever in order to achieve their lifelong dreams. They set in motion all kinds of plans to enable them achieve those dreams. However, motivation as strong as it is can easily evaporate especially in the face of persistent adversity. Daily doses of motivation is therefore critical to keep the fire burning.

The best form of commitment by any individual is doing the things you said you were going to do long after the emotions you said it in have passed! It is those who stick to doing what they said they were going to do and doing them even in the face of obstacles that eventually end up been victorious and successful. There is no way you can win or succeed when you ‘cut and run’.

Some of the obstacles that often reduces FBOs level of motivation are rejections from potential clients and prospective team members, distractions of everyday happenings and social media as well as negative comments from dream killers. Overcoming these obstacles that chip away at your motivations require a constant focus on your dreams for joining Forever. This means constantly reflecting on and reminding yourself of those things that keep you going. These could be the faces of your children, wife, husband, parent, relative, friend or someone that you care so passionately about that you will want to do anything possible to support or please. A mental picture of how things will look like when you have achieved those dreams can also help to keep you well motivated and inspired.

Been in the company of very successful and positive people will also help to keep you motivated as the success and positivity will definitely rub off you. Attending company meetings and events, reading stimulating books, listening to inspirational audios and watching motivational videos can help keep you well motivated.

Stay the course and keep on keepin’ on. Forever is not a ‘get rich quick’ scheme but it is certainly a ‘get rich’ scheme if you stay the course and do what is required of you. As you nurture your business, you are bound to reap the harvest with time. With so many incentives like the Eagle Managers’ Retreat, the Global Rally and the Forever2Drive, there is so much to gain from staying the course by working your business. The possibilities are endless!

Stay Positive

Remember to stay positive at all times and smile to all the people you meet. You have greatness within you.

-         Dinah & Michael Boafo

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